Rabbi Raymond P. Stansbury

Our pastor is a man of Yahweh that loves Yahweh and the people of Yahweh with all his heart.  He reminds us constantly that he doesn't have members but he has (citizens) Sons and daughters.  And he proves to be a father, and he mentors us as a father should.  The love that comes out from his heart is pure, and he has a heart to want to see people walk in the things of G-d without fear and in purity. 

He's  a man that teaches ABSOLUTE TRUTH from the Word of Yah (Torah) and does not take down for the opinions of others.   He's transparent and will communicate his failures to steer others in the right path.  He is a man of revelation, the things that Yah reveals to him comes from the father of lights (knowledge) because when you hear his teachings, you know that kind of teaching just doesn't fall from the sky, it takes a committed life and consistent walk.   The Word that he teaches makes one free from bondage and pushes individuals to live a live a holy life.


Ordained, called, appointed and anointed by Yahweh as a prophet unto the nations.  He is an apostle of revelation and demonstration teaching protocol, balance and order.   He is the founder and President of “RAYMON STANSBURY MINISTRIES INC.”  It all started in the mind of G-d and the seed was planted in the loins of his father and the results were produced and birthed from the womb of his mother.   February 10, 2001 he became founder and Senior pastor of the Prophetic Houses of Truth Outreach Messianic Hebraic Assemblies International, Inc. (P.H.O.T.O) along with his son, Pastor Joseph P. Stansbury.   He now has assemblies and ministries under his mentoring even crossing state lines with many sons and daughters.  On January 25, 2001 the prophet started his school of prophets, “P.I.T. (Prophets in training) School of Ministry”, which is extensive and intensive life changing prophetic teaching equipping those who walk in the prophetic office or gift, teaching them complete protocol and order, which is conducted once a year for five-months.   It convenes every last Friday in January and continues every Friday until June, with the graduation at the Sons and Daughters Prophetic summit, which is held annually in June.   Year-to-date he has birthed, mentored and released 300 prophets and prophetess into the kingdom who are skilled, balanced and who know protocol and order concerning the prophetic.  In 2008 he started the P.I.T. for the youth and five graduates came from that class.  G-d confirmed his calling to the office of Prophet through Ezekiel 2:1-7 and Jeremiah 1:4-10 along with other prophecies from other Prophets and Prophetess’ of G-d confirming what he already knew.  He acknowledged his calling as a prophet in 1976.   During that period he studied, fasted, and prayed to enhance the call on his life and walked in the prophetic office.  He acknowledged his calling to the office of the apostle in 2001, June 18, 2004 he was birthed and announced publicly as an apostle.  The devil thought that a stuttering problem would shut the mouth of this apostle, but it did not work!  He usually thinks of himself as “ Moses” – who questioned G-d whether He really meant to call him because of his speech, then he thought about it and said, “If Moses can say yes, so can I”.  He also attended and completed “The Healing School” under the ministry and teachings of Charles and Frances Hunter.  He is a graduate from the DC, DE, & MD Councils of P.A.W. Inc. three - year school of ministry. 


He graduated from Bethel Bible Institute, Wilmington, Delaware after completing a 4-year required ministry course (New Destiny Fellowship).   All of that took place in a 10-year span of time; then he publicly walked into ministry July 28, 1986 under the teaching and instruction of his great Pastor, Apostle Thomas Wesley Weeks Sr. (Pastoral Father) of whom is still his personal covering as a father.  In the year of 2010 he completed a foundation class of the Hebrew language, how to study with it, read it, write it and speak it.  He was properly birthed into the prophetic office by spiritual mother and mid-wife the late Dr. Loretta Taylor of New York along with the guidance and wisdom of Pastor Sylvia Stoner and Prophetess Patricia Tucker both of Wilmington, Delaware.  He is known for his style of ministry. You will never forget one of his messages once you heard it.   It is apostle Stansbury’s purpose to destroy the works of the devil by sowing revelation into the body of the Messiah through the Word of G-d by teaching the mind of G-d via demonstration to make plain the Word of G-d, also through the prophetic Word of ADONAI, music, pays, and books.   He has ministered and daily ministers in the Tri-state area (Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania); He has also ministered in Washington DC, Indiana, South and North Carolina; Chicago, Wisconsin, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Arizona and the Caribbean Islands which he loves.  He also ministered at College Campuses across the country ministering prophetically and teaching divine wisdom to students.  He is a anointed man of Yah with the accurate word in his mouth, musician, songwriter,author, and Rabbi.  He is an accurate interpreter of dreams and visions, and flows heavily in praise and worship; totally honors and glorifies Yah (G-d) with his whole heart.  He’s also  known as the E-mail Prophet, the writing prophet; for when he receives the Word of ADONAI for you and he has your E-mail address, he will just pop up in your e-mail with a timely and accurate word.  He is also known as the “Raw prophet”, because he speaks the truth in love.   He’s the proud father of two biological sons of which he raised, Phillip LeBraun Caulk who is 31, and Joseph Phillip Stansbury who is 28 years of age (which is the one who’s always with him) and one adopted son who he mentored in his home, Prophet Larry Saunders of Wilmington, Delaware.   Apostle Stansbury is the  grandfather of three, Monee` (16 years old) and one little boy, Caleb Rashod Caulk (12 years old) and Jewels Henry (14 Years) whom he loves.   He has a host of 375 prophetic Sons & Daughters across the world, along with hundreds of prophetic grandchildren.  He has wonderful little godchildren that he committed his life to as an extended parent, Jazzer Stansbury, Prophet Aaron Payne, Master Elijah, Master Isaiah Stansbury, Little Miss Angel Stansbury and Little Miss Cassia Weston.  Apostle Thomas E. Simpson Sr. and Prophetess Janie Simpson, Pastor of “Incorruptible Word of Faith Intercessory Tabernacle” of Lakewood New Jersey are his prophetic parents.  This apostle of G-d is filled with so many talents and gifts and he uses them as unto ADONAI.  Only one thing that he really wants you to know is that it is always about Yahshua (Jesus) and it is never about him.






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